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Sage Pastel's established accounting softwareERP and business software Training Department is committed to developing the right training solution for your needs. Our Training Department focuses specifically on designing hands on, practical training in a classroom environment for the Pastel product range; establishing and certifying 3rd party Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centres internationally; as well as assisting tertiary and secondary institutions to implement Sage Pastel training and education within their institution.

There are many unauthorised training centres who offer Sage Pastel training. Please ensure that you only attend Pastel Accounting software training at an Authorised Training Centre. Sage Pastel will not guarantee services nor solve any disputes that may arise between yourself and an unauthorised training centre.

Sage VIP Training

Our broad range of training courses empower our users by increasing their knowledge of our products’ functionality and capabilities. Sage VIP training courses include basic, advanced and problem solving solutions that aim to assist the users of our software with their day-to-day responsibilities.

We found that many students attend a Sage Pastel Accounting training course but don't opt to write the assessment and obtain a certificate

These students are either afraid of failing, or feel that they know what they are doing and don’t need a certificate to prove that they can do the job. The reality is that most employers insist on seeing the certification rather than taking the prospective employee’s word on whether they can do the job.

Obtaining a Sage Pastel certification should be a priority as it proves the following:

  • A Sage Pastel certification is a globally accepted means of assessing an essential set of abilities
  • When employees are confident using Sage Pastel, they will deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer
  • A Sage Pastel certificate is evidence that an employee is competent enough to perform the tasks assigned to him/her
  • Certification shows the determination and ability of an employee to complete a task
  • A Sage Pastel certification allows employees to apply their skills immediately after completing accreditation training

Always ensure that you sign up for training with a legitimate Sage Pastel registered training centre, or directly with Sage Pastel. Your certification will not be valid unless you receive training through an authorised training centre

Whether you are a professional and an already experienced Sage Pastel user or just a beginner, Sage Pastel’s training solutions will assist you to contribute to your company’s overall success, and you will feel more confident to get the maximum use out of your accounting software.

All courses are designed to give you hands on, practical accounting software training in a classroom environment. Furthermore, training is provided though our Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centres (ATCs), with highly experienced trainers providing you with the knowledge and guidance you require during the course.

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Pastel Partner End User Courses
Pastel Evolution
Pastel Evolution Bridging Course Version 6.50 PDF: 318KB  
Pastel Evolution Accounts Payable Module PDF: 334KB
Pastel Evolution Accounts Receivable Module PDF: 319KB
Pastel Evolution Advanced Practitioner Module 2 PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Annuity Billing Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Bank Manager Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Bill Of Materials and Manufacturing Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Branch Accounting Module 8 PDF: 324KB
Pastel Evolution Branch Accounting Processing Module PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Cash Manager Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Contact Management Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Credit Control Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution General Ledger Module PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Implementation Specialist Module 5 PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Installation Technician Module PDF: 319KB  
Pastel Evolution Inventory Module PDF: 319KB
Pastel Evolution Job Costing Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Linked Accounts Module PDF: 330KB
Pastel Evolution Lot Tracking Module PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Multi-Currency Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Multi-Warehousing Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Municipal Billing Module 10 PDF: 325KB
Pastel Evolution Order Entry Module PDF: 318KB  
Pastel Evolution Point of Sale Module PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Practitioner Module 1 PDF: 321KB
Pastel Evolution Pricing Matrix Module PDF: 318KB
Pastel Evolution Procurement Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Product Consultant Module 4 PDF: 349KB
Pastel Evolution Product Technician Module 7 PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Retail POS Till Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Retail POS Module 9 PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Sales Executive Module 5 PDF: 319KB
Pastel Evolution Sales Force Automation Module PDF: 317KB
Pastel Evolution Serial Number Tracking Module PDF: 333KB  

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